15 things I wish I knew before I played

15 things I wish I knew before I played
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A man in a blue rubber suit stands in front of a house near a cat and a pickup truck.

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Power Wash Simulator It recently left Early Access on Steam and came to Xbox via Game Pass. Looking at recent numbers and charts, it seems that more people than ever before are entering the satisfying world of digital power laundering. But while it can be fun and very satisfying to clean up dirt with high-powered water cannons, it’s not as simple as pointing a hose at the ground and waving your arm.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you make more money and clean more efficiently at Power Wash Simulator on Xbox and PC.

Divide large jobs into sections

Breaking large, time-consuming tasks into smaller chunks with multiple, easy-to-achieve goals is not only good advice for this video game, but also solid advice that I use in my life all the time. Don’t think of a level as a whole, instead focus on one big wall, porch, every trash can, or every staircase. Before you know it, you’ll have cleaned and finished a dozen smaller areas and almost done with the entire job.

Use ‘Dirty Vision’

When cleaning, get in the habit of pressing the “Highlight Dirt” button, which is the tab on PC. We started calling this mode “Dirt Vision”, which is a much better name. Regardless of what you call it, this mode brilliantly highlights all the remaining dirt in a level, letting you quickly see how much progress you’ve made. It’s also useful in areas where dirt blends into the environment or when you’re looking for that last missing dirt spot.

Get low or high to clean out-of-reach dirt

You can quickly fall into a rhythm when playing Power Wash Simulator, moving left to right or front to back in a pattern. However, take the time to look up and under everything you’re cleaning. Often you will discover a new hidden and dirty dimension to clean up. Also, use the provided ladders or stepladders to help climb onto the roof of buildings or high walls.

Missing points? Use the game checklist

Even after looking up and down or using “Dirt Vision”, he can still reach a point where an object alludes to his powerful jet stream of soapy water. When this happens, don’t run desperate. Instead, open up your in-game tablet and head to the details submenu where you’ll find a list of everything that’s dirty or clean in the level. You can even select an object to highlight it in the world, allowing you to quickly find and clean it.

Focus on the green and yellow nozzles.

A screenshot from the game shows someone cleaning a purple dinosaur slide.

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There are a lot of pressure washers, nozzles, and extensions in this game, and it might seem a bit overwhelming at first. But do not worry! The first half dozen jobs or so can be tackled without any upgrades. When it comes to nozzles, you should primarily rely on yellow and green as they provide the best distribution and power ratio. And if something tough won’t clean, get close and switch to red for even more cleaning power.

Don’t forget you can twist your mouthpiece

Seriously, this is a very simple but important feature that you should use all the time. On PC, you press R to rotate and the left trigger on Xbox. Changing the angle of the nozzle and stream will allow you to clean more efficiently.

save your money

Just like in real life, cash is king in the dirty world of Power Wash Simulator. As such, savings are the key to quickly and efficiently cleaning larger, more challenging jobs. It’s very tempting to buy a lot of soap, new upgrades, and gloves once you’ve completed your first few jobs and have some cash in your rubber monkey. But wait since, in the first hours of Power Wash SimulatorMoney is tight, and instead you need to spend what little you have wisely.

Don’t buy soaps (right now…)

Very early in the game, you will likely see all the soaps you can buy for $10 a bottle. They can be useful, but they are expensive and there is a limited amount to buy. So don’t buy any… at first.

Upgrade your pressure washer ASAP

Instead, save your money and buy a stronger, better pressure washer that will help remove tough-to-clean dirt faster and will remove most dirt in the kit. Also, wait to purchase any extensions for your pressure washer until you upgrade the entire tool, as extensions must be purchased anew for each new machine.

Then buy a length extender

Once you have a new pressure washer, you can save up to buy an extension attachment. These will allow you to clean a larger area of ​​space without having to move around as much, as the spread allows your water to maintain its power even over longer distances, allowing you to clean high ceilings and windows from the ground.

Eventually buy some soap and use it sparingly.

While soap is not the most important or useful thing in Power Wash Simulator, can sometimes help save time or frustration. Please note that the soap nozzle is not very powerful. But it has a wide spray radius and the soap will gobble up even the toughest dirt.

Soap is best used if you have a lot of graffiti or stubborn dirt and you want to get rid of it quickly. It’s also handy if you can’t get to the last drop of dirt under a car or bench, as you can flood the area with soap and let it do the work. Just don’t buy soap until you’re at the level and see that you need it. Stick to a bottle too so you don’t spend money on unnecessary cleaning products.

Do small jobs whenever they appear

A screenshot from the game shows someone cleaning a dirty van in a garage.

screenshot: futurlab

while you play pressure washing simulatorIn career mode, you will occasionally have access to small jobs where you have to wash a motorcycle or a car. With a powerful washer and the right nozzle, these jobs can be completed in a few minutes and are a great way to pocket some quick cash.

Don’t look at the sun on xbox

I’ve been playing on Xbox and have been lucky enough not to get any crashes, but just to be sure: Don’t look at the sun until the game is patched. You have been warned.

Get a friend to make cleaning faster and more fun

power wash simulator, Like many video games, it’s more fun when you invite a friend over to play. The game also supports cross-play on Xbox and PC, including Steam. Splitting up the work with a friend is a handy way to finish levels faster. And it never gets old to shoot your friends with a pressure washer and knock them off the roof in the process. trust me.

Put on some music and relax

Load up your preferred streaming platform and put on a laid-back jazz or 80s pop playlist. Whatever works for you. Cleaning silently is fine, but cleaning with a soundtrack is always better!

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