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raid and dungeon

        • Fixed an issue where mods would not drop.
        • Fixed an issue where the damage phase would last for an unintended duration in the Bringer of Pain encounter.
        • Fixed an issue where the Bringer of Pain encounter could auto-complete after the first bell teleport.
        • Fixed an issue where Skyburner’s Oath and the Explosive Payload buff could bypass boss shields in the Duality’s Vault encounter.
  • Fixed an issue where players could break immune shields on Vault of Glass, Garden of Salvation, and Vow of the Disciple by applying Scorch to enemies.

Crucible and Iron Banner

  • Fixed an issue where players could hide out of bounds on the Crucible map, Disjunction.
        • Fixed an issue where the Heavy As Death emblem was not contributing to the reputation rank increase when equipped.
        • Fixed an issue where the fifth step of the Forging Iron Quest would not progress if the equipped Iron Banner armor also had Iron Banner decorations applied to it.
        • Fixed an issue where Daily Challenge Rank Up Boosts were not unlocking account-wide.
  • Fissure:
        • Fixed an issue where immersing the Spark with no time left on the round timer could trigger an infinite transmat loop.
        • Fixed an issue where the Spark would disappear for the rest of the match if the player picking it up died at the same time.


  • Fixed an issue where The Conflux Lost Sector would not be available in its Legend or Master version for some players.
  • Fixed an issue where the first step of the Bound by Sorrow quest would not complete when collecting 500 vestiges.

Gameplay and investment


  • Fixed an issue where certain exotic armor pieces were not offering their effectiveness buffs while in the air:
        • Ahamkara’s Sealed Grips: +50 to all weapons for 5 seconds after a melee hit.
        • Wings of Sacred Dawn: +50 to all weapons.
        • Rampant Lion: +50 when shooting from the hip.
        • Peacekeepers: +40 to SMG.
        • Pilgrim’s Greaves: +20 to all weapons.


  • Fixed an issue where players could shoot through barricades, Ward of Dawn, and thin walls when the Piercing Sidearms artifact mod was equipped on a weapon with the Armor-Piercing Rounds weapon perk.
        • The Piercing Sidearms artifact mod will be re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where Nezarec’s Whisper Glaive could not be Masterworked in some cases.


  • Fixed an issue where Hammer Strike was not receiving the intended damage bonus from Roaring Flames.
        • Note: In patch, we fixed an issue where Roaring Flames were not gaining their intended reduced scalars while melee empowering exotic armor or weapon perks were active, but that change was not reflected in the patch notes for that version, so we’re including it is here for posterity.
            • Roaring Flames now grant 20% bonus damage on empowered melee abilities per stack.
            • Roaring Flames will grant an additional 10% damage per stack if Synthoceps, Peregrine Greaves, Wormgod Caress, or the One-Two Punch weapon buff is active.


  • Adjusted Crucible Vermillion shader images on glossy materials to address potential photosensitivity issues.

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