Dune: Awakening, a survival MMO set in the Dune universe, has been announced

Dune: Awakening, a survival MMO set in the Dune universe, has been announced
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Announced during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, an “ambitious” survival MMO set in the Dune universe is on the way. Dune: Awakening is the latest game from Conan Exiles developer Funcom, and “takes inspiration from both Frank Herbert’s novels and Denis Villeneuve’s Academy Award-winning film while exploring exciting new possibilities in the franchise.” The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

According to its press release, Dune: Awakening “combines the grit and creativity of survival games with the social interactivity of large-scale persistent multiplayer games to create a unique and ambitious open-world survival MMO.” The player will have the opportunity to “head into unmapped sectors and be the first to uncover secrets and riches before Coriolis storms once again move the sands and alter the landscape, narrowly escape colossal sandworms, build their home from the shelter to the mighty base and across the dunes in iconic vehicles from the universe.”

Playing now: Dune Awakening Presentation Trailer | Gamescom ONL 2022

When not exploring Arrakis on foot, players can deploy their harvester and protect it from rival factions in “fast-paced, deadly combat that seamlessly switches from armored ground vehicles to ornithopters in the sky.” The press release also mentions a sort of in-game ranking, which players can climb through careful plotting and influence building.

“Dune: Awakening really promises to bring the world of Dune to life in a new and exciting way,” said Legendary Entertainment Vice President of Interactive Media Sam Rappaport. capture the rich detail and wonder of cinematic worlds for video game audiences.”

Dune: Awakening is scheduled to hit PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. The game is currently available for wish list on steamand Beta registrations are already active on your official website.

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