Ghost Of Tsushima Dev Won’t Make Infamous Sequels Or Sly Cooper

Ghost Of Tsushima Dev Won't Make Infamous Sequels Or Sly Cooper
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Infamous' Cole and Zeke look out over New Marais.

Video game companies are notoriously cautious about sharing their plans. In a market saturated with sequels and spin-offs, the developers, however, treat each new project with extreme secrecy. Rarely will they even be honest about who they are. are not working, but today the PlayStation study behind Ghost of Tsushima did exactly that.

As its 25th anniversary approaches, Sucker Punch took the unusual step of letting fans know what not to expect from its next game, putting to rest rumors of a possible sequel to the sandbox superhero series. Infamousor stealth platform game cunning cooperhappening anytime soon.

Sucker Punch wrote:

As our games continue to grow in scale and complexity, they require the full attention of our studio. With our focus on our current project, we have no plans to revisit infamous either cunning cooper right now, and no other studios are currently working on projects related to those franchises. These characters are very special and near and dear to our hearts, so while we would never say that we would never open those doors again in the future, for now there is no infamous either cunning cooper games in development

Previously, some PlayStation fans were eager to believe otherwise. Immediately after the rumors of Self-proclaimed internal Twitter accounts Y mysterious updates to various web pages, it looked like the fan favorites might make a comeback. But instead of letting false hope sprout forever, as some game studios are known toSucker Punch opened up to fans.

Meanwhile, the studio said that after the next maintenance, it will keep infamous 2level editor live servers for a little while longer and plan to make the infamous second son downloadable content Cole’s Legacy can be purchased separately from the collector’s edition. the Cunning games, on the other hand, remain completely inaccessible on modern platforms. While they were previously available as part of PS Now, none of them are currently included in the revamped PS Plus library.

Founded in 1997, Sucker Punch’s first game was the underrated physics-based platformer. Rocket: robot on wheels for Nintendo 64. He later signed a publishing deal with Sony and released the first cunning cooper on PS2 in 2002, and the first Infamous on PS3 in 2009. Sony bought the studio outright a couple of years later, and in 2020 it delivered Ghost of Tsushimawhich catapulted him to the top tier of PlayStation studios.

While Sucker Punch didn’t come out and said he’s working on a sequel to Tsushimaseems like a good bet considering that the first one has sold over eight million copies and multiple LinkedIn pages and job postings have referenced an upcoming project with similar attributes. The bigger question is whether it will stay focused on a single-player narrative or branch out further into multiplayer combat.

Ghost of Tsushima‘s online mode called legends Added co-op missions, horde survival, and end-game raids. It was a cautious but successful initial foray into a new way of playing, and something Sucker Punch could pivot to in the future. Earlier this year, following the announcement that acquiring destiny 2 bungeePlayStation laid out big plans for a series of 10 new live service games for 2026. a new online only The last of us cleave will be one of those. time will tell yes ghost of tsushima 2 ends up being someone else.

Clarification: 7/1/22, 4:36 p.m. ET: The online content that is kept in infamous 2 it’s your community level editor, not a full multiplayer mode.

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