Google Pixel 6a: where to pre-order in the US

Google Pixel 6a: where to pre-order in the US
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Today Google opened pre-orders for its latest mid-range phone, the Pixel 6a, which comes complete with the power of Tensor. Here’s where you can pre-order the Pixel 6a in the US, plus the Google Store, and where to get the best deals.

Where to reserve the Pixel 6a

With the Pixel 6a, Google has managed to take the AI ​​prowess of the flagship Pixel 6 and put it into an even more affordable package at $449, which is sure to appeal to plenty of customers. The traditional place to reserve a new Pixel phone is through the Google Store, which even offers 10% discounts on store credits to high-end Google One subscribers. But it’s always wise to shop around to see what deals are available and you can see which ones make the most sense for your budget.

Google Pixel 6a unlocked

Where buying a $1000-plus flagship phone outright may not be feasible for many, picking up an unlocked Pixel 6a for $449 is more feasible and offers the freedom to switch carriers at will. For those who don’t mind mmWave 5G, choosing to buy an unlocked model will also be more affordable, as some carriers only offer the mmWave variant of the Pixel 6a for an additional $499-$50.

Conveniently, the Pixel 6a is available for pre-order at a handful of decent retailers in the US. Some retailers, like Best Buy, also offer customers a free set of Pixel Buds A-Series with the purchase of the Pixel 6a. .

  • Amazon — Free Pixel Buds Series A
  • best Buy — Free Pixel Buds A-Series, pre-orders opening soon
  • objective — No offers announced

Verizon Wireless Google Pixel 6a pricing, pre-order benefits

The folks at Verizon are welcoming the arrival of the Pixel 6a, with full support for Verizon’s 5G ultra-wideband network, and the Pixel Buds Pro with open arms and deep discounts. New customers who sign up for one of Verizon’s 5G Unlimited plans can get the Pixel 6a for free, via 36 months of promotional bill credits. Meanwhile, existing customers can get $100 off the price of the Pixel 6a, applied over the same 36-month period.

Plus, any Verizon customer who buys a Pixel 6a is entitled to a $100 discount on the Pixel Buds Pro, making them half the price. Similarly, the operator offers up to 40% discount accessories for the Pixel 6awhen you buy multiple

pixel 6a case

AT&T Google Pixel 6a prices, pre-order benefits

While AT&T was a bit late to the game, launching pre-orders a few hours after other carriers, they still have a competitive offering for new and existing customers alike. With no trade-in required, you can pre-order the AT&T Pixel 6a for just $2/mo., applied as a bill credit for 36 months. Meanwhile, AT&T Business customers can get the new Pixel for just $0.99 with a two-year contract.

T-Mobile Google Pixel 6a prices, pre-order benefits

The Google Pixel 6a is also available for pre-order through T-Mobile, and the carrier is offering it for free on a new line (over 24 months of bill credits). Or you can withdraw up to $300 from the phone (also via bill credits) with a qualifying trade-in. On top of that, T-Mobile has a exclusive treatment with Google One, which offers 500 GB of storage for $5 per month or 2 TB plus unlimited Google Photos for $15 per month.

Google Pixel 6a prices, pre-order advantages on other carriers

Beyond the big three, there are a few other carriers that offer the Pixel 6a to their customers, often including financing options built into your phone bill.

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