Gotham Knights briefly dropped its piracy protection

Gotham Knights briefly dropped its piracy protection
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gotham knights got its first significant post-launch patch on PC yesterday. The update was intended to fix bugs in online multiplayer and remove some bugs. Unfortunately, it also temporarily crushed the bat Man Denuvo DRM protections from the game, apparently leaving it vulnerable to pirates. That is one way of taking them by surprise.

The PC patch for the struggling co-op adventure was expelled last night, and it didn’t take long for game crackers to realize that the new version released on Steam was missing Denuvo. The news began to circulate on sites like the CrackWatch subreddit, and even led some to believe that Warner Bros. had removed the DRM on purpose. I did not do it.

SteamDB logs show that a new version that had Denuvo’s tamper protection was released about 14 hours later, but obviously the damage had been done. People are unlikely to play the new pirated version of gotham knights they can participate in the game’s multiplayer mode, a loot-based fighting game focal point, and pirates will not be able to enjoy future patch fixes or content updates. However, they will probably now have free access to the single player campaign.

Kotaku contacted Warner Bros. for comment.

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Denuvo protection is controversial among some PC users in part because it limits how they can store and play a game. It’s also largely believed to negatively affect the performance of PC games that use it. Often, the DRM is removed by game publishers weeks or months after release, especially if hackers eventually “crack” it. He rarely falls off by accident and then restores himself.

Of course, the biggest problem for gotham knights is that it’s just not that goodEspecially for a game that’s been in development for many years, it’s one of the first $70 new-gen exclusive titles and is clearly inspired by the much better Arkham trilogy of Batman games. While it’s unclear what new content Warner Bros. Montreal might have in store in the future, it promises a much bigger performance upgrade. in the near future.

That patch will also be targeting consoles and will fix some of the framerate drops on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Weather gotham knights it is controversial locked at 30fps on consoles, it often drops below that during certain cutscenes and when patrolling Gotham City while large crowds of enemies are present. What digital foundry has reportedHowever, there are also many performance issues on PC. Hopefully, they will also be addressed.

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