Hades 2 announced by Supergiant Games at The Game Awards

Hades 2 announced by Supergiant Games at The Game Awards
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Supergiant’s next game, Hades 2, a sequel to the hit game Hades, was revealed at The Game Awards. Hades 2 will be set in the same universe with what appears to be some new faces from the Greek pantheon and similar roguelike gameplay. The game is currently in development.

Unlike the first Hades game, Hades 2 features a female protagonist, Melinoë, who is the sister of Zagreus and is called the Princess of the Underworld. The trailer begins with her training with a masked mentor, and it is revealed that her joint goal is to kill Chronos.

Playing now: Hades II – Reveal Trailer

New character Moros (Doom Incarnate) comments that this is an opportunity for the protagonist to “build a better future for all of us.” Other new faces like Nemesis and Apollo make brief appearances in the trailer. protagonist as a witch, giving more clues as to what her arsenal of weapons may be like.

Chronos is the god of time and seems to be the main antagonist. Hades’ voice narrates: “He is not a mere Titan. He is time itself, and time cannot be stopped.” Melinoë ends the sneak peek by saying, “Wait for me, father. We will be there soon.

Hades 2 is available on the wish list at Vapor and the epic shop. So far it is only confirmed for PC, but it is also planned for consoles. Supergiant says it will share more information about availability on other platforms at a later date. According to the Steam page, the game Supergiant plans to develop Hades 2 in a similar way to Hades and incorporate player feedback. That means Hades 2 should enter Early Access at some point in the future.

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