Need for Speed ​​Unbound ‘The World is Your Canvas’ gameplay trailer, screenshots

Need for Speed ​​Unbound 'The World is Your Canvas' gameplay trailer, screenshots
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Unlimited need for speed It satisfies your need for speed, but in a way that is unique and tailored to you.

Let’s be clear, you can still drive hyper-realistic cars in stunning locations. In Unlimited need for speed your self-exploration goes beyond the garage and expands your canvas, exposing it to all the vast elements that make your need for speed an adventure, a lifestyle and an art form. With this new addition to the need for speed universe, your avenues and boulevards to self-expression are free, from cars and clothes, to streets and tire marks left by your car.

“We wanted to offer an art style that is important to the game, one that clearly celebrates the player. actions, enhances the player experience and rewards them along the way,” explains Darren White, Unlimited need for speedArt Director for Criterion Games. “We wanted to take players to the next level in Unlimited need for speed with our driving visual effects, which we call ‘Tags’”.

Like street artists creatively subverting the urban landscapes around them, you’ll be able to label the world and leave everyone in the dust. The tags come to life when you unleash your boost powers; earned through actions such as skidding, jumping, and near misses, and appear as dramatic, customizable effects that paint the surrounding world, including illustrative lines that are etched around the curves of your car. Through Tags, you and your car become artists, and the city is your canvas.

Unlimited need for speed

Unlimited need for speedThe realistic looking world and the cars really help ground the visuals,” White describes the game’s art style. “Taking inspiration from street art and other media, we creatively subvert characters and visuals, turning them into expressionistic illustrations of ‘you’ and ‘your actions.’ It’s literally ‘graffiti coming to life.’”

Street art has always been an important aspect of street culture, with an irreverence that has long inspired it. need for speed. “It’s an incredibly creative form of self-expression, and as a street careersit represents a rebellious freedom to express oneself against rules and restrictions,” adds White.

Unlimited need for speed features a diverse collection of street art styles from multiple artists from around the world, including Sentrock and JC Riviera. These revered artists are painting Unlimited need for speed with his signature style, artwork that not only adds to the background of the game, but can also be collected and applied to your car in the form of wraps.

Unlimited need for speed

In addition to the labels, you can continue to express your personal style through your cars, with greater detail and grandeur. You’ll now have access to new wrap content and full kit selections, as well as exciting new ways to customize with part removal, where you can expose the mechanical innards of your car and intimidate the competition before you even make it to the line. exit.

And it doesn’t end with labels, wrappers, and parts; The player’s wardrobe will also receive an upgrade! “Unlimited need for speedThe characters in are unapologetically expressive with trendy new collaborations,” reveals White. “The self-expression of character in Unlimited need for speed it goes beyond the clothes you wear; With additional cosmetic changes and customizable poses, you can really show off at key moments like race wins, creating characters brimming with attitude.”

Same goes for Unlimited need for speed. It is full of attitude, creativity, adventure, style and camaraderie.

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